Sunday, August 16, 2015

Escape is imminent.

So I got a message the other day on #perl6 from someone asking about my Perl 5 to Perl 6 documentation. It seems that, despite my mentioning it constantly, someone missed the github link. :-)

Anyway, that gave me a shove to clean up the documents and bring them in line with the general guidelines for Perl 6 documentation. That is now mostly done. There's really just one more thing that needs to be done...

I need titles.

It's been suggested that the titles should have the form 5to6-[subject], and that seems reasonable to me. The question is what to use for the subjects. My current thought is to use the titles of the Perl 5 documents each of my documents is based on. E. g. 5to6-perlvar, 5to6-perlfunc, etc.

Time to hit up the Perl 6 people for suggestions as to what would be most acceptable.

Wish me luck...

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