Sunday, August 16, 2015

And we're off!

My Perl 5 to Perl 6 project has (to the extent that has so far been written) been merged into the main Perl 6 doc tree.

Hopefully, by tomorrow, you'll find four new "5to6" documents at


Hopefully, some of you will find them useful.

Escape is imminent.

So I got a message the other day on #perl6 from someone asking about my Perl 5 to Perl 6 documentation. It seems that, despite my mentioning it constantly, someone missed the github link. :-)

Anyway, that gave me a shove to clean up the documents and bring them in line with the general guidelines for Perl 6 documentation. That is now mostly done. There's really just one more thing that needs to be done...

I need titles.

It's been suggested that the titles should have the form 5to6-[subject], and that seems reasonable to me. The question is what to use for the subjects. My current thought is to use the titles of the Perl 5 documents each of my documents is based on. E. g. 5to6-perlvar, 5to6-perlfunc, etc.

Time to hit up the Perl 6 people for suggestions as to what would be most acceptable.

Wish me luck...

Monday, August 3, 2015

An opportunity missed - but all is not lost!

Last Thursday, I had a couple of commitments that prevented me from going to the NY Perl Mongers tech meeting that evening. This was particularly unfortunate, as David Farrell gave a talk on parsing Perl 5 POD with Perl 6 grammars.

Fortunately, I happened to see David on Friday, and mentioned that I was sorry to have missed his talk. He was nice enough to not only send me a copy of his slides, but to send me links to some articles he's written for his Perl Tricks site ( and his github repositories for his Perl 5 POD parser and his Perl 6 One-Liners book. So, as most of this is publicly available, I figured I'd share.

Perl 5 Pod:

Perl 6 One-Liners:

Perl Tricks articles:

I'm planning on digging into the grammar features of Perl 6 in the near future, so this should all be helpful.

Thanks David!