Monday, August 3, 2015

An opportunity missed - but all is not lost!

Last Thursday, I had a couple of commitments that prevented me from going to the NY Perl Mongers tech meeting that evening. This was particularly unfortunate, as David Farrell gave a talk on parsing Perl 5 POD with Perl 6 grammars.

Fortunately, I happened to see David on Friday, and mentioned that I was sorry to have missed his talk. He was nice enough to not only send me a copy of his slides, but to send me links to some articles he's written for his Perl Tricks site ( and his github repositories for his Perl 5 POD parser and his Perl 6 One-Liners book. So, as most of this is publicly available, I figured I'd share.

Perl 5 Pod:

Perl 6 One-Liners:

Perl Tricks articles:

I'm planning on digging into the grammar features of Perl 6 in the near future, so this should all be helpful.

Thanks David!

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